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Mogo Flavored Mouthguard Review

Mogo flavored mouthguard

This is a short video review of the Mogo Flavored Mouthguard .

This item is a high density mouthguard that can be used for protection during youth sports such as flag football.

Interesting Facts And My Passion About Football

Youth Flag Football | Catch

This is a guest post by Christy Nelson

There are many who think sports are a form of escapism and the most compelling one gains the highest number of followers. With football, the energy, the brutality, the competitiveness, the money and the fame makes it a compelling sport. These aspects make it not just the best sport as by me but also the best source of entertainment. In a football game there is always something happening whether on the field or on the sidelines, the cheerleaders or the mascots and even awesome bands during halftime not forgetting the food and drinks that are readily available throughout the game.

Slideline Sucess: How To Be A Good Spectator

Youth Flag Football | Shaking Hands

We’ve all been there, the moment the words leave your mouth you wish them back in, but its too late.  The damage is done.  You look around and see your family, friends, neighbors – your community, meanwhile desperately hoping no one really heard you, especially the kids.

Keep Your Players Safe From Concussion

Heads Up: Concussion In Youth Sports

Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and are a big concern in youth sports.  According to their website the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reports that children are more likely to get a traumatic brain injury, including concussion, and take longer to recover than adults.   

Youth Flag Football & Hydration

Youth Flag Football Equipment | Hydration Bottles

This is a guest post by Eddie D. Shackleford

Youth flag football is a very good sport for young kids today.  It is very inexpensive to play, requiring only the most basic of sports equipment.  It is also a productive, positive and healthy diversion for our youth.

There are, however safety precautions to be taken while playing this sport.  First and perhaps foremost is to keep the child hydrated at all times.

Thoughts About Youth Sports

Coaching Youth Sports

[This is a guest post by freelance writer Teresa Kent]

For the average human being sports play a very vital role.  It helps them maintain a good physical and mental ability.  From the moment a human being is born they tend to learn a lot.  When the years pass they learn about sports through several different methods.  The youth of a country is considered as the future.  These youths are compatible with certain talents that are hidden until they realize it at a certain age.

Learn How To Protect Your Child From Injuries Related To Playing Sports.

Youth Flag Football | Catch

[This is a guest post by Bryon Blandin of]

Injuries may be part of the game when you are playing youth sports, but that does not mean that you have to accept them as an inevitability for your child. Whether your child chooses to join a volleyball club, youth football or basketball team, or be part of your local soccer club, sprains, bruises, and scrapes are always a threat, but there are ways to reduce these risks. By taking the following precautions, you can allow your child to participate fully, and stay active in team youth sports, while you worry less about potential injuries.

Off-Season Conditioning for Youth Flag Football: Benefits of Strength Training

Photo by  gitsul

Now that the flag football season if over,  youth athletes may be in need of off-season conditioning to maintain or improve physical fitness.   This is especially true if your child is not going to play another sport in the off-season.  Even to the casual observers of flag football and youth sports in general,  it will be evident that the best athletes are also the fittest athletes.  Whether as an involved parent or as a flag football coach it makes sense to explore training methods that will enhance your child’s general fitness.   One such method of conditioning is strength training.

What Size Football Should My Child Use For Flag Football?

Youth Flag Football Equipment | Football

I always encourage parents to be involved with the sports that their child participates in.    For my youth flag football players I recommend that the parents work 5-10 minutes a day just playing catch with their kids.  It’s fairly easy to accomplish and has a great benefit to the child as a skill and confidence builder.

Safety Tips For Parents – 3 Must Have Pieces of Flag Football Equipment

Youth Flag Football | Injury

Although the flag football rules for kids are designed with safety in mind, there still remains an inherent risk of injury as with any athletic sport.  There are many reasons sports injuries can occur.  In this article we examine one in particular; lack of safety equipment.