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Mogo Flavored Mouthguard Review

Mogo flavored mouthguard

This is a short video review of the Mogo Flavored Mouthguard .

This item is a high density mouthguard that can be used for protection during youth sports such as flag football.

One Piece Of Equipment A Flag Football Coach Should Never Be Without

Youth Flag Football Equipment | First Aid Kit

We could list lots of items that a youth sports coach needs,  but there is one piece of equipment that you should never be without when coaching flag football (or any sport for that matter).

The item I’m talking about is a basic First Aid Kit.  Often overlooked this item is a must have for any coach.

What Size Football Should My Child Use For Flag Football?

Youth Flag Football Equipment | Football

I always encourage parents to be involved with the sports that their child participates in.    For my youth flag football players I recommend that the parents work 5-10 minutes a day just playing catch with their kids.  It’s fairly easy to accomplish and has a great benefit to the child as a skill and confidence builder.

Safety Tips For Parents – 3 Must Have Pieces of Flag Football Equipment

Youth Flag Football | Injury

Although the flag football rules for kids are designed with safety in mind, there still remains an inherent risk of injury as with any athletic sport.  There are many reasons sports injuries can occur.  In this article we examine one in particular; lack of safety equipment.