Speed And Agility Ladder Drills


Flag Football drill

Conditioning is an important and often over looked part of coaching a successful flag football team. Many trainers and coaches alike tout the benefit of speed, agility, quickness training also known as SAQ Training.  SAQ training methods are one of the keys to performance development. These speed and agility ladder drills will help improve technique, develop maximum acceleration and reach top speed.

For this speed ladder workout the placement of your athlete’s feet is crucial. Strive to first learn the movements required by the speed ladder exercises and then gradually increase speed. Challenge your athletes with these speed ladder exercises often, and focus on your players getting faster each time through.

Slow feet or anything less then 100% intensity will leave you with no results.

Although this video was designed to demonstrate speed ladder drills for football, it will help athletes playing any sport. Most sports, like flag football, performing at a high level can be achieved by developing foot speed and focus on SAQ training methods.

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Speed And Agility Ladder Drills

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