Coaches Welcome to the flag football coaching page. Here you will many find resources and articles for coaching youth flag football. Our drills page will help your players learn the necessary skills to play flag football, while


Parents it’s time to get involved! Here we have provided resources to help you understand the rules and concepts of youth flag football, and more importantly to empower you to help your child learn how to play flag football.

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Flag Football Defense Strategy Guide (5-on-5)

There is a variety of ways to employ good defense in flag football, especially in a 5-on-5 setting. Today,...
flag football postions

Flag Football Positions

This article explores and explains both the offensive and defensive postions in youth flag football.

Is Youth Flag Football Safer Than Tackle?

Youth Flag Football Vs Tackle Football It depends on who you ask.
Flag football rules

Flag Football – Terms, Rules, Flag Belts, Blocking And Ball Kicks

Flag Football (Basics You Should Know) - Terms, Rules, Flag Belts, Blocking And Ball Kicks Want to learn more about flag football? If yes, you’re at...

Flag Football Games for Kids

Playing a game at the end of a practice is a good way to reward your flag football players for their hard work and add an element of fun to your practices. The key is to have the game include some conditioning while encouraging good flag football skills
flag football basic rules

Basic Skills – Flag Football Drills for Kids

Flag football drills for kids covering the basic fundamentals
flag football playbook

Youth Flag Football Playbook

Youth Flag Football Playbooks for 6 on 6, 5 on 5, and more