Twins Double In


Twins Double In is a 6 on 6 flag football play that is executed out of the twins flag football formation.

The 2 wide receivers (A, B)  line up to the far left or right, depending if the formation is stacked to the left or right.   They should be near the sideline and somewhat close together (this is the same for all twins formations).  The third receiver (D) is lined up on the opposite side of the field.  The quarterback (Q) is under center (C) and the running back (R) is lined up on the same side as the twin wide outs are lined up, 3-4 yards deep.

At the snap of the ball, the running back begins moving behind the quarterback at a slight angel.  The quarterback should quickly execute a fake a hand-off to the running back  then drop back to pass.  the running back should then filter out into the flat in the general area vacated by receiver (D).

Player (D) executes a deep (10-15 yard) in.   Players (B) runs a short (3 yard) in pattern while player (A) runs a medium (7-8 yard) in pattern in the same direction. Players A & B should be crossing towards the middle of the field almost in parallel, attempting to overload any zone coverage. Player (C) executes a outside slant in the area vacated by both A & B.Twins Double In

Optionally this play can be called as a hand-off in which case the quarterback just hands the ball to (R) as he runs up the middle or at an angel towards the sideline.

Another option is to run a draw.   To execute the draw, the runner (R) should hesitate for a second while the quarterback pump fakes down field toward a receiver.  This leads the defense to believe that he is passing the ball.  After the pump fake, the quarterback turns and quickly hands the ball to the running back (R).  This takes some practice as the running back must watch for the quarterback to pump before he begins moving.

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