Twins Center Cross


Twins Center Cross is one of the best flag football plays to run out of the Twins formation.   Its extremely versatile and can setup an opportunity for a long pass later in the game.

The 2 wide receivers (A, B) line up to the far right near the sideline. Receiver (D) is the sole receiver on the left side and should pull single coverage from the defense. The quarterback (Q) is under center (C) and the running back (R) is lined up behind the quarterback and slightly to the side opposite from where the wide outs are lined up, standing about 3-4 yards deep.

At the snap of the ball the wide receiver (D) will run a shallow slant toward the center of the field. The center (C) will also run a shallow slant put towards the sideline. Player (C) should cross under player (D).

The intent is to draw the DB from that side toward the middle by a few steps in pursuit of (D) giving the center an opportunity to catch a quick pass and escape toward the sideline.

The (R) back will execute a short route pass the line of scrimmage and out to the flat.  Receivers (A) & (B) execute their routes as prescribed, note (B) has the option of going straight toward the end zone or running a post toward the middle.  This is a read that the player and the coach will have to decide based on the positioning of the safety.

Remember to mix things up and try to confuse the defense by utilizing a quick hand-off up the middle or a pass to the receivers on the right (A & B).  Work in pump-fakes and fake hand-offs when the timing of the play and speed of the defense allow.

See this play in action: