Trips Center Screen


Trips Center Screen  is a play designed for 6-on-6 flag football.  “Trips” refers to the flag football formation the players line up in where there are triple receivers lined up wide and close together.  This is also called a “bunch” formation, since the receivers are standing bunched up.

The 3 wide receivers (A,B, D)  line up far right near the sideline and close together.  The quarterback (Q) is under center (C) and the running back (R) is lined up on the opposite side from where the wide outs are lined up, 3-4 yards deep.

At the snap of the ball the 3 wide receivers all run deep post patterns.   These are the decoys. The center (C) will hesitate for a second then run underneath the area cleared out by the wide outs as they ran past.  If the center does not get open, the running back (R) is the dump off option.

After a few successful passes to the center, the coach may wish to mix it up by either handing off to the running back or pump faking to the center then throwing deep to one of the wide outs – D, B, or A.

You can also flip this flag football formation so that the receivers are on the left and the running back on the right.   This will sometimes confuse a defense, who may think it’s a totally different flag football play.

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