Below is a list of the most common offensive and defensive flag football positions.

flag football postions


Quarterback (QB)  – The quarterback guides the offense during the game.   The quarterback calls the cadence and “takes the snap” meaning he receives that ball from the center and can then hand it off to the running back or pass the ball to a receiver.

Wide Receiver (WR) – The receivers run routes down field and try to catch passes that are thrown from the quarterback in order to advance the ball or score points.

Center (C) – The center handles the snap of the ball from the LOS to the quarterback.  In flag football rules the center is then eligible to act as a wide receiver and go out for a pass.

Running Back (RB) – The running back is the primary ball carrier for running plays.    The RB lines up in the back field  and moves forward at the snap to receive a hand-off from the QB.   If the ball is not handed to the running back that player can them go out for a pass in the same way as a wide receiver.


Free Safety (FS) –  Defensive player who plays the deep pass.  They defend against the pass by attempting to prevent the offensive receiver from catching the ball, either by knocking the ball down or by catching the ball before the intended receiver can.

Strong Safety (SS) – The Strong safety in flag football is very similar to the free safety.  The only difference is that the strong safety has the freedom to move closer to the line of scrimmage in order to defend against running plays..

Defensive Back (DB) – The defensive backs play the short pass first and the run to the outside.

Line Backer (LB) –  Opposite to how safeties play (i.e. pass first then run), the line backers guard against the run first then pass.   If the leagues allows for blizting the line backers will also be the primary rusher agianst the quarterback.   Once any threat of a running play is eliminated the line backers should drop back into pass coverage.

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