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Is Youth Flag Football Safer Than Tackle?

Youth Flag Football Vs Tackle Football It depends on who you ask.

Flag Football Terms

A guide to the most common flag football terms

Flag Football Positions

This article explores and explains both the offensive and defensive postions in youth flag football.


Below is a list of the most common offensive and defensive flag football positions. Offense Quarterback (QB)  – The quarterback guides the offense during the game.   The quarterback...


Parents who are not very familiar with the game of flag football will find more enjoyment from watching their child if they have a...


Rules There are many variations of flag football rules.  The number of players can vary from 4-on-4 to 8-on-8 or even more.   The level of...

What Size Football Should My Child Use For Flag Football?

What Size Football Should My Child Use For Flag Football? I always encourage parents to be involved with the sports that their child participates in.    For my youth flag...

Flag Football Safety Tips for Parents

Although the youth flag football rules are designed with safety in mind, there still remains an inherent risk of injury as with any athletic...

Flag Football Rules

If you are a parent who is not familiar with how flag football is played, this article will help you understand the rules of the game.

Slideline Sucess: How To Be A Good Spectator

We've all been there, the moment the words leave your mouth you wish them back in, but its too late. The damage is done.