Youth Flag Football Playbook


One major difference between most sports and football is that the on field action is much more scripted.  Every play is completely and precisely drawn, then practiced often.

In order to get into the end zone and score points coaches need a flag football playbook that is both easy to understand and effective. Below is a sampling of several of our playbooks tailored to various team sizes. We suggest drawing the plays on 3×5 index cards as a visual display to the show to the kids at practice. Explain the details of their assignments while using visual reinforcement to make it stick. Then practice, and practice some more!Players gather in the huddle to call the next play

6 On 6 Flag Football Plays

Trips End Around

Trips Swing Pass

Trips Center Screen

Trips Receiver Screen

Twins Double In

Twins Center Cross

Twins Fly

Twins Hook

5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

Twins Outs

Twins Outside Slants

Twins Inside Slants

Flag Football Defense

5 on 5 Flag Football Defense PDF

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