Trips End Around


Trips End Around is flag football play that uses misdirection to confuse the defense.   The play uses the Trips formation, where there are triple receivers lined up wide and close together.6 0n 6 Flag Football Plays | Trips End Around

The 3 wide receivers (A, B, D)  line up to the far right near the sideline in a bunch (this is the same for all “Trips” formations).  The quarterback (Q) is under center (C) and the running back (R) is lined up behind the quarterback and slightly to the side opposite from where the wide outs are lined up, standing about 3-4 yards deep.

At the snap of the ball the 2 wide receivers closest to the center (B & D) all run a deep slant that cross.   The center (C) will run a fake slant out then cut back in to the middle.   The intent is to drawn the DB from that side toward the middle by a few steps.  The (R) back will move up the side line 10-12 yards down field.

The wide receiver (A) comes behind the quarterback running parallel to the line of scrimmage.  The quarterback (Q) should turn so his back is to the defense and hand the ball to the wide receiver (A).   The receiver continue toward the sideline and attempts to turn up field running with the ball.

After this play is called a few times,  its can then be alternated to confuse the defense by lining in the same football formation as if you are running the same flag football play and then using one of these 2 options instead:
  • After accepting the hand-off,  the wide receiver (A) can stop behind the line of scrimmage and throw a pass to the running back (R)
  • A fast hand-off to the running back (R)
  • Faking a hand-off to the wide receiver (A) then throwing deep to one of the other  wide outs – D, B, or C.

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