Twins Hook


Twins Hook is primarily a short high percentage passing play for 6 on 6 flag football. It is best used in short yardage situations, and you can expect to easily gain 3-5 yards on this play without much risk.

In this flag football play the offense lines up using the Twins Formation – that is 2 wide receivers (A, B) line up to the far right near the sideline, standing fairly close to each other. Receiver (D) is the sole receiver on the left side and should pull single coverage from the defense. The quarterback (Q) is under center (C) and the running back (R) is lined up behind the quarterback and slightly to the side opposite from where the wide outs are lined up, standing about 3-4 yards deep.

At the snap of the ball the each of the wide receivers (A), (B) & (D), along with the running back (R), execute short 3-5 yard “button hook” patterns. The button hook is a classic football pattern and is also known as a curl route. The center (C) is the lone deep option route. (Note: In this play the center has the option to break to the left or right depending on where the safety is down field,)The intent of this play is execute several quick strikes into the short portion of the field. This is particularly good against any zone defense that has 3 defensive backs up front, such a 3-2-1 or 3-3. When you see this type of coverage it almost always means 1 receiver will be uncovered. It can also be very effective against any type of “soft” defense where the defenders are lining up 5 or more yards away from the line of scrimmage.

There is nothing particularly tricky about this play, its effectiveness is based on crisp route running by the receivers and a quick release by the quarterback.

See this play in action: