Twins Inside Slants


Twins Inside Slants is a 5 on 5 flag football play that is executed out of the Twins flag football formation.

The 2 wide receivers (A, B) line up to the far left or right, depending if the formation is stacked to the left or right. They should be near the sideline and somewhat close together (this is the same for all Twins formations). The quarterback (Q) is under center (C) and the running back (R) is lined up on the opposite side from where the wide outs are lined up, 3-4 yards deep.

Twins Inside Slants gets it name because the two inner-most receivers are performing slants across the field, while outer most receiver (A)  does a quick 5 yard hook.  It should be run near the corner back so as to draw that player away from receiver (B) should he get the ball.

When the ball is snapped, the quarterback “holds” the defense by presenting the ball out to the running back as if the play is a hand-off.    As wide receiver (C) slants outside past the defender, the quarterback pulls in the ball and throws a quick pass.  If player (C) is not open then the quarterback can throw to receiver (B) who is also running a slant across the middle.

Optionally this flag football play (as with most twins formations) can be called as a fast hand-off or a running back draw. This occurs exactly as explained in the play Twins Out.

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